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Humanitarian Solutions is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization playing a vital role in human trafficking education throughout the State of Ohio. We are distributing the award-winning documentary “Shadow on the Heartland” to show school-aged children the serious issue of human trafficking in our state. This documentary features many of Ohio’s most influential leaders, including Governor John Kasich and State Representative Teresa Fedor, and was applauded by activists and political leaders during a showing at the Annual Human Trafficking Awareness Day at the Columbus Statehouse.

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To help us share this documentary with one million school children throughout the state, Humanitarian Solutions developed a “Sponsor a School” program that allows donors to cover the cost of a school viewing license. Donors can choose which school they would like to assist through their donation. Once the sponsorship is collected for a particular school, the school will receive its license and the documentary to share with its students. School officials can use the documentary to help educate students on what human trafficking is, how predators will try to manipulate them into being trafficked and how they can protect themselves from becoming victims of this crime. This documentary can be used to educate students on the potential dangers that exist right here in our state. Watch Documentary Trailer

Human trafficking is commonly thought to be a Third World country issue and not a problem that is taking place in our own community. The fact is, more than 1,000 young boys and girls are trafficked every year in the State of Ohio. The FBI considers the northern part of Ohio one of the top recruiting areas for underage prostitution. Toledo, Ohio is ranked fourth in the nation behind Miami, Portland and Las Vegas. In Ohio, 1 in 3 runaways gone for two weeks or longer are at a risk of being trafficked for sex. There are different ways a person can be pulled into human sexual trafficking, but the nightmare of it all is that it’s happening today, even to kids as young as 7 years old.

We need your support to make this documentary available to all students. Please consider sponsoring a school in your area and together let’s help put an end to human trafficking in Ohio.

or you may mail your gift to:

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Because Humanitarian Solutions is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, your donation is tax deductible. We respects your privacy and will not share your name or contact information with other businesses or charitable organizations.

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Humanitarian Solutions provides visual-based outreach products that educate our communities by bringing attention to today’s most serious social issues and providing practical solutions on how to recognize and combat them. Humanitarian Solutions is a organization centered in social responsibility through community education. Our mission is to develop impactful informational products that will provide individuals, families and communities with the knowledge needed to understand today’s issues and prepare for tomorrow’s.
Our current award-winning documentary, "Shadow on the Heartland", portrays the serious issue of human trafficking in the State of Ohio and how our children can protect themselves from being victims. This film features the state’s top influential leaders including Ohio Gov. John Kasich, University of Toledo professor Dr. Celia Williamson, Franklin County Judge Paul Herbet, State Representative District 45, Toledo Ohio Teresa Fedor and many more. Your tax deductable support will help us make this film available at no cost to more than one million Ohio school children. If you would like a representitive to come speak at your corporate event or church function email us here.


Parents need to gain a new awareness of how under-aged children are recruited into human trafficking and make sure their children also know about it.


Bringing awareness to children and teens about the vulnerability they can be in when it comes to human trafficking and the avenues of protection for them.


Those who work with young people or in the health field need to know the signs that may raise a red flag that a person is being trafficked.


Organizations can show the documentary to their staff and volunteers who work with children and teens so they will be informed on this issue.

Humanitarian Solutions – It’s time to do something!


Our mission is to produce and distribute visual-based outreach products that educate our communities and promote positive family values. These informational products will provide individuals, families and communities with the knowledge needed to understand today’s issues and prepare for tomorrow’s.


Our vision is to use our God given talents to bring timely and relevant products and services to families around the world.

For nothing will be impossible with God. Luke 1:37


They created a vehicle that would unite our community in the fight against human trafficking. The funds raised will support this documentary, Shadow on the Heartland and provide further resources to continue to build up our families.

View the documentary trailer "Shadow on the Heartland" below

Our goal is to educate over one million school-aged children the serious issue of human trafficking.

Community Support

Humanitarian Solutions needs your help to stop this modern-day slavery and educate our children across the state who are at high risk for trafficking.

Educational Tool

Humanitarian Solutions have just completed the production of the award winning documentary "Shadow on the Heartland" and begun school distribution.

Student Education

School officials around the state have begun using the documentary to help educate students on human trafficking.

Projects in process of starting

Develop an educational video curriculum on Human Trafficking

Heroin epidemic – Destroying the children of America

Veteran outreach program

Orphans in America - documentary

Texting and driving - documentary

More information about Humanitarian Solutions

Humanitarian Solutions has decades of experience in broadcast television production and digital technologies, and our work has been featured on nearly every television broadcast network in the world. We are passionate about producing and distributing products that will educate our communities and ultimately influence the world we live in.

Humanitarian Solutions is a 501c3 nonprofit organization operating under a local Board of Trustees.

Our current goal is to have the Documentary "Shadow On The Heartland" viewed by every school student in the State of Ohio.

We do not charge the schools for the documentary viewing. Humanitarian Solutions relies on your tax detectable donations for the cost and licensing.

Your financial support covers: Student Cost 40%, Production Cost 35%, Marketing 10%, Expenses 15%

Our outside accounting firm works in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

Humanitarian Solutions News

January, 25 2016

Video to spread human trafficking awareness

January, 14 2016

Trafficking Film Premieres at Ohio Statehouse

Our documentary, www.shadowontheheartland.com , just premiered at the statehouse today as lawmakers, law enforcement officials, advocates and survivors from across the state and nation gathered for a day of discussion on ways to raise awareness and fight back against human trafficking in Ohio.

The 30-minute documentary starts with statistics: The average age of a human-trafficking victim in Ohio is 13; children as young as 9 are victimized. Gov. John Kasich then appears onscreen to say that the number of human-trafficking victims in the state each year could fill a large high school. “That’s more than 1,100 children every year being exploited in our communities, being snatched, blackmailed, drugged, violated and forced into hard labor or the sex trade,” he says. Donations from Ariel Corp., White Castle and the East Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church helped get the project off the ground, and Meisse largely funded the remaining costs. Read more.

January, 1 2016

We received the "Dove Award" for family approved content.

We are honored to share with you that our documentary "Shadow on the Heartland" has just received the highest honors award from The Dove Foundation.

November, 3 2015

The Human Trafficking Coaliation

Shadow on the Heartland was screened at the northern Ohio human trafficking coalition conference. This private viewing was to inform the coalition of the films completion and to discuss the validity of its content. The coalition has overwhelmingly approved this film and we have even implemented several content changes that came from our meetings.

2900 Park Avenue West

Mansfield, Ohio 44906

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Humanitarian Solutions is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, your donation is tax deductible.